A Mythology reflects its region: Poetry Talk

Wallace Stevens is not only considered to be of Flemish or Dutch descent because of his great-great grandfather’s Dutch heritage. Stevens’ background is relevant because he has been one of the most influential American poet on Dutch poets and poetry over the past decades. The following eminent poets from the low countries have been associated with Stevens and his work in one way or another: Jan Baeke, H.H. ter Balkt, Benno Barnard, Bernlef, Rein Bloem, C. Buddingh’, Remco Campert, Paul Claes, Hugo Claus, Gerrit Kouwenaar, Tomas Lieske, K. Michel, Peter Nijmeijer, Cees Nooteboom, Willem Jan Otten, Michael van der Plas, Martin Reints, Jan de Roek, Alfred Schaffer, Erik Spinoy, Willem van Toorn, Tom Van de Voorde and many more. Some of them have devoted essays to his poetry, others have written poems about him, other poets seek to translate his poetry, and still many poets refer to Wallace in the epigraphs of their poems.

In this Dutch-language event, Dutch and Flemish poets Erik Spinoy, K. Michel, Tom van de Voorde and Willem van Toorn will talk about the reception of Wallace Stevens in the low countries and read out their translations of Wallace’s work. Translations by Hugo Claus, Frans Kellendonk, Rein Bloem and Gerrit Kouwenaar can also be heard.

Presented by Bart Eeckhout.

  •  Poetry Talk: Thursday 17 June, 19.15 hrs, Foyer