GARDENSENSIBILITIES: Live radio play with WORM and Ursula Andkjaer Olsen

Ursula Andkjær Olsen (Denmark) and the WORM radio crew (Henk Bakker, Nina Hitz and Lukas Simonis) present a live radio play based on Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s text GARDENSENSIBILITIES.

The Rotterdam artists’ collective WORM is inspired by punk, Dada, fluxus, situationism and futurism. WORM has grown to become an organisation that focuses on film, radio, concerts, performances, web projects, art installations, media and 24/7 internet broadcasts. Since 2005, WORM creates and curates live radio plays. WORM’s current radioplay series brings the sound artist in close contact with the poet, colliding and fusing sound and language.

Language: English, with translations by Thom Satterlee and David McDuff.

  •  Monday 14 June, 21.30 hrs, Krijn Boon Studio


photo: live radio play © WORM