Eugenijus Ališanka

Country: Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian
Year of birth: 1960

Eugenijus Ališanka was born in 1960 in Barnaul, Siberia, the son of exiled Lithuanians. In 1962 the family returned to Lithuania where, in 1983, he graduated in Mathematics from Vilnius University. He has occupied various literary and cultural posts and grew to become a distinguished poet and poetry translator. Ališanka is an unusual voice in Lithuanian poetry. Averse to linguistic and symbolic conventions, he has generated a literary landscape that is clearly rooted in Lithuania yet also connects to the shared European literary canon and history. Poems obviously situated in a typical Lithuanian village landscape of the post-communist period gain a universal dimension, while in other poems Greek myths are reimagined within a Lithuanian context. In so doing, intellectual tussles are articulated in a concrete, visual manner.

Read poems by Eugenijus Ališanka on Poetry International Web.

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