Jon Fosse

Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Year of birth: 1959

‘Flotsam and jetsam’ is how the Norwegian author Jon Fosse labels his poetry – something that happens to float past in the course of the writing process. Jon Fosse wrote as a child but debuted in 1983 with the novel Rødt, svart (Red, Black). He achieved international fame with his plays; less known abroad are his poetry, prose, children’s books and essays. His language is musical, working suggestively through simple, unelaborate word choices and a repetitive rhythm. For Fosse himself, the message and meaning of the art isn’t important, rather it’s what he calls ‘the silent voice’: an insight, something experienced in the existential silences between the lines.

Read poems by Jon Fosse on Poetry International Web.

Tues 15 June, 20.00 hrs, main auditorium Performance of Jon Fosse’s play Eg er vinden (I Am the Wind) by the National Theatre company of Oslo.

Wed 16 June, 20.00 hrs, main auditorium
Poetry reading.