Ron Winkler

Country: Germany
Language: German
Year of birth: 1973

Ron Winkler broke through as a poet in 2004 with the collection vereinzelt Passanten (Isolated Passers-by). He is the founder of the poetry magazine intendenzen, of which there have been eleven issues so far. He is also creating a furore as a poetry translator, and he recently edited Schwerkraft (Gravity), an anthology of poetry by young Americans. Winkler writes for a generation in which ‘everybody inhabits/ a telephone at birth’. In his poetry he demonstrates in a sometimes hilarious, sometimes unsettling way how an ever greater part of what in the previous century we used to call ‘reality’ for the sake of convenience, has been expanded and shrunk to a virtual universe in which the tactile and audible are constantly zapped, sampled, filtered and twittered. The consequence is that ‘on a word level, our thought collapses into fragmented, labyrinthine and ridiculously large-scale concepts’.

Read poems by Ron Winkler on Poetry International Web.

Fri 18 June, 20.00 hrs, small auditorium