Poetry in the Afternoon sessions

Singing Reality: Maria Barnas and Renske Janssen
Monday 14 June, 16.00 hrs, Foyer

Maria Barnas is the curator of Singing Reality, a programme of artists’ films which will be shown at several locations in the Rotterdam City Theatre. Maria Barnas will show parts of the films and elaborate on the choice of her selection. In conversation with Renske Janssen, curator of the Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Arts, she will discuss the relationship between language and visual art.

Afghan Art
Tuesday 15 June, 16.00 hrs, Café Floor

Kamran Mir Hazar (Afghanistan) and Sam Vaseghi, the Iran and Afghanistan domain editor for Poetry International Web, talk about the influence of terror on the development of art and poetry in Afghanistan. Presented by Tsead Bruinja.

Ihab Saloul about the film Habibi Rasak Kharban
Wednesday 16 June, 16.00 hrs, Foyer

Literary scholar Ihab Saloul talks about the role of poetry in the film adaptation of the classic tale of Layla and Madjnun, Habibi Rasak Kharban. The film, directed by Susan Youssef will go in premiere this autumn. Interview by Ibrahim Selman.

The USA domain of Poetry International Web
Thursday 17 June, 16.00 hrs, Café Floor

Katharine Coles from the Poetry Foundation in Chicago talks about American poetry and the new USA domain on Poetry International Web.

Results of the translation workshops
Friday 18 June, 16.00 hrs, Café Floor

Two translation workshops have been organised for this year’s festival: one dedicated to the poetry of Tomas Lieske and the other to the works of Carlos López Degregori. During this programme, the results of the translation workshops will be presented. Workshop participants will talk about the problems, processes and solutions that led to their final translations.

  • Poetry in the Afternoon,  Mon 14 June—Fri 18 June at 16.00 hrs in the garden of Café Floor, or, in the event of bad weather, in the theatre foyer.