Poetry from the USA

This year the festival will be putting the spotlight on contemporary poetry from the United States and the relationship between American and European poetry. The festival kicks off on Friday 11 June with ‘America, America’, an event celebrating the Holland-America cruiseship line, featuring poets from Rotterdam. In collaboration with the Poetry Foundation in Chicago, Poetry International launched a new USA domain on Poetry International Web (PIW) in March 2010. The addition of the USA domain to PIW USA domain will provides new opportunities for the paths of American and European poets to cross, in the tradition of Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg and Wallace Stevens; Arthur Rimbaud, Joseph Brodsky and Wislawa Szymborska.

Poetry International Festival presents leading American poets Michael Palmer, Christian Hawkey, Katia Kapovich and C.K. Williams, a programme about Wallace Stevens, a book launch of John Updike translated into Dutch, debates and Katharine Coles from the Poetry Foundation talking about the new PIW USA domain and American poetry today. You can find more information about these programmes in the right-hand menu.

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